On how many occasions in the recent past, did you brood on what skills you did not have, and why you could not make it big? ‘Big’ – not by your own standards, but by the standards of what you perceive as ‘the world’!

This piece is to emphasize the fact that there can be nothing more suicidal to your personality and life; there is no bigger waste of time than just thinking of all the weaknesses in you, and wonder what has gone right or wrong in life’s journey!

Most of us are trained and taught to work on our weaknesses, day in and day out, and overcome them come what may!

Today, I would want to leave a contrarian thought in you – and I can assure you that it will work well for you.

Ignore and belittle your inherent weaknesses, and spend all the time and resources in honing your inherent strengths… you will do a lot of good to you, your life, and work…

Many contemporary life & leadership lessons speak of the need to do what you are good at… Decisively identify your strengths and do something which is pretty close to your core competence. What else can be core competence other than you natural strengths? The strengths which sort of flow with you in life, and with which you don’t have to undergo the so called drudgery of ‘work’.

Visualize this – spend a few minutes and do this – You have a handful of a mix of shining gold coins, and some rusted old copper coins… Would it be good to just ignore the rusty dusty copper coins and just put all your time and energy into how well you can exploit and make good of the shining gold coins on hand…. Or would it be good to waste your time and energy on cleaning/making the rusty copper coins into Gold coins? You will be wasting that much time because whatever you do, the Copper can never ever turn to Gold….  On the other hand, you can make the best use of the Gold coins…hone and polish them, and take them to the market place and show your worth and mettle to the world!

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