Wish all the PR pro’s across the world a great new year.

Its curtains down on another eventful year – with a fair share of memorable ups and downs for the public relations industry. And if you are in India, this was the year in which one of the most visible PR agency fell by the wayside – thanks to the biggest scam that shamed the nation!

However, the year also saw the power of the social media being unleashed with all the fury on how PR agencies work and how the dynamics of offering value to the client changed – for the good! Its now adapt with rocketspeed to this fury, of just be consigned to the dustbins of history.

As always, the year ahead promises to be challenging. Crowd-sourcing will be the buzzword!

Friends in the journalistic fraternity across the globe have already set the ball rolling – if you are a PR pro, you would not have missed the fact that in the year that went by more and more journos across media have resorted to crowd-sourcing ideas, story points, interviews and just about anything!

News gathering has gone viral to say the least – and the pressures on the media are immense.

If you are a PR agency worth the salt, your survival depends on how well you can facilitate the crowd-sourcing revolution – in the media!

Lets part with these thoughts now, have a great year ahead…

And stay glued to this space for how the year shapes for all of us in the communication business!


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